Recursive md5sum of Files in Directory

Calculating the md5 sum of a file is useful for verifying transfers, checking for changes, etc.

This command can be used to recursively scan through a directory calculating md5sum’s for each file:

find . –type f –print0 | xargs –0 md5sum

Example output:

dan@dk01:/usr/local/lib$ find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 md5sum
3f4b60def4965a65a8ba74d6bfb705af ./
cbddb8854f5038283fc8a50be44531e9 ./
cb6d070e09dd5e95c78402901d5208ad ./
d019c220c7214bf709b5073eb7730f9d ./
0da4b285acd5d6dff73dd1143ca5864d ./libswresample.a
f302fb887de867e903e70de4ba56d4de ./
4ad325f7d0c0828aa7ba72f62135e935 ./
268f814fcce9913773814fce8de216c7 ./
790eade5ba41a9afdc28d434587a94ec ./
128d7d2286e5d59fafc8e56728bdbf2e ./
cd2dc23377d519ea29d57c95983ead2c ./
8034f30e406473844620b50177a9fdc7 ./libavfilter.a
740361c12d3d2206c45ad59504eecd03 ./
bee0be81c7b3b1518ff03a3ad7ba5a05 ./
7d08940cb3ba9ce18a3ceb0c4bfacf19 ./libv4l/ov511-decomp
e02ff7015998829cb7734ec44b7047ea ./libv4l/ov518-decomp
2b8044e5cf4c0e7de6e7a3fadda8a598 ./libv4l/
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